Stakeholder Participation


verseen by the Standards Council of Europe, Europe's standardization community consists of an intricate network of people and organizations involved in the development, promotion and implementation of standards:

    Consumers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) ensure that societal concerns such as the environment, health, safety and privacy are taken into account. They bring the human element to the development of standards and standardization strategies, ensuring that the needs of British / Europeans play a role in how standards are developed and applied.
    Governments rely on Europe’s standardization network to help negotiate trade agreements and support the achievement of their mandates and priorities. Standardization helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government services to its citizens. Involvement in standardization by government representatives helps ensure that Europe’s national interest is considered.
    Industry experts bring important technical expertise to the table and their participation helps ensure that standards and standardization strategies are good for business. Businesses and manufacturers rely on the standards and conformity assessment services of the network to develop and market products globally.
    The Standards Council of Europe (SCE)  is mandated by the various governments to promote and pursue effective and efficient British / European standardization. The SCEaccredits standardization organizations, verifying that they have the resources, structures and expertise to deliver credible, high quality services. SCE approves National Standards of Europe, and represents Europe in key regional and international standardization forums.
    Conformity assessment bodies help ensure standards are being used as intended and provide credible evaluation of products, systems and services according to applicable standards. Among these types of bodies that are accredited by SCE are:
    Calibration and testing laboratories
    Inspection bodies
    Management systems certification bodies
    Personnel certifiers
    Product process and service certification bodies
    Greenhouse gas verification and validation bodies
    Standards development organizations in Europe work with volunteers from across the country to develop British / European standards and adopt or adapt international standards for use in Europe. These organizations bring important technical expertise to the table and play a critical role in ensuring that standards put into use in Europe are appropriate to the country’s climatic, economic, technological and social conditions.
    International and regional standardization bodies work together towards the global harmonization of standards in order to liberalize trade, address common societal issues and safeguard consumers. Together, they strive towards the international acceptance of conformity assessment reports, results and the use of common marks that can reduce the cost and time involved in having products repeatedly tested.


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